Arriving from the Refugee Camp in Thailand

Arriving from the Refugee Camp in Thailand
The Mying Mying family

Friday, August 24, 2007

Timeline - Getting Ready

  • August 10 - G-Mission went out letting Grace folks know of the need to help with sponsoring the Lam family
  • August 11 - Already, people have begun calling and emailing, and our core team of Dianne, Jill, Stephani, Peggy, Pat, Krisit and Michelle has been put together, with a "furniture transport" team of Tom, Jim, Gary, Pat, Dave & Joe
  • August 12 - passed out the info sheets at Grace, listing all the furniture and items that are needed for the family's apartment
  • August 13 - have most of the furniture "pledged," including the double bed, which is discovered by Tom as a "free to good home" answer to prayer in the front of someone's yard near Tom's kids' house
  • August 14 - the cell phone is set up, and we receive the keys to the apartment at Los Compadres Apartments at 35 Ave/Dunlap
  • August 18 - sofa/loveseat and some of the groceries are delivered to apartment
  • August 19 - All the smaller items are brought to Zuni Hills and are loaded into pickup trucks for delivery to the apartment that afternoon; the rest of the furniture is picked up from various homes and delivered to the apartment; beds are set up, dishes are put away, food is put in fridge, toys are placed in ThaZin and TinSay's room
  • August 21 - Perishables are purchased and last-minute touches are put on apartment
  • August 23 - All is ready for the Lam's arrival!

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