Arriving from the Refugee Camp in Thailand

Arriving from the Refugee Camp in Thailand
The Mying Mying family

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Well-Deserved Award

Jill Coughlin was selected for the Wells Fargo Volunteer Service Award for the work that she has been doing in helping to re-settle the Burmese refugee families that Community of Grace has sponsored over the past several years. Jill's compassion and commitment to these families has made a lasting difference in their lives, and we are so blessed by the way she has embraced these families on behalf of Community of Grace. A $1,000 gift was made in her honor by Wells Fargo to Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest to help them continue this amazing ministry to refugee families. We are incredibly proud of Jill, and so grateful for her selfless service. Congratulations, Jill!

Jill's Response:
Community of Grace played a large part of this because if it wasn't for Grace, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to serve and learn and have the wonderful experience of meeting and helping these people. I am grateful for the privilege.
Thank you!

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Jeffrey Kirk said...

This is great! We are resettling a Burmese family at the moment. They arrived a couple weeks ago and tomorrow we are moving them into their own place in our community. This family is of Karenni ethnicity. We also had a Karen family a couple years ago, and other non-Burmese over the years too.

To help others learn how to help with refugee resettlement I have a refugee resettlement website. Right now I am giving a day by day description of what happens so that others can get a feel for the process. I also have a "how-to" guide coming out soon.

Keep up the good work! By helping one family at a time we can make a big difference.