Arriving from the Refugee Camp in Thailand

Arriving from the Refugee Camp in Thailand
The Mying Mying family

Monday, April 5, 2010

Jill met the Mying Mying Family

I finally met the Mying Mying family today. I was glad Judy had supplied the picture so I recognized the mother right away when she answered the door. The family does not speak English or even Burmese, but just Karen. Thankfully, there are some neighbors who can translate.

It's a little challenging when you don't know any of the language, but we already shared some smiles and laughs because of my gesturing to explain things and demonstrating the vacuum cleaner I had brought. They would like a television and some bicycles for the kids. They have learned the word for bicycle already. (Michelle's note: our experience has been that televisions are wonderful ways for them to start learning English).

I am happy that the apartments are within easy walking distance of the Fry's supermarket. None of the other families have easily been able to walk to the store.

They seem like a very nice family and I look forward to getting to know them a little more.

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