Arriving from the Refugee Camp in Thailand

Arriving from the Refugee Camp in Thailand
The Mying Mying family

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mying Mying Family going to school

The Mying Mying family has begun going to school. Mying Mying takes classes held right at the apartment complex for refugees, and has been learning time and parts of hotel room. The children started school, and I helped Mu Mu Paw with some exercises in two children's magazines she received at the school. They are still enjoying the television set that was donated to them.

You may have been wondering about the Ah Mee family. We lost contact for a number of months, but they are still in the same apartment. In order to save money, they had the phone turned off for a few months. I went to visit on May 2, and it was so good to see everyone. Ah Mee gave me a big hug. Po Lone and the girls have grown up quite a bit since school started. They will all be going to summer school to help further their English acquisition. Po Lone will then go to a program to receive the GED and to take some workshops at ASU. He has received a scholarship to the workshops. The family is also considering moving to Minnesota to be closer to Ah Mee's brother's family. They have been considering it for almost a year now but have July as a target date if they do move. That will be their two-year anniversary here in America. They have heard many stories about the cold and snow potential there. They want a family photo so asked me to return next week to take it.

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